the future of culture industry and artistic development must not emerge from theoretical and philosophic approach only. in fact, its essence is serious research, free experiment, professional realisation and intermediation. entrancexit, as a concrete result of careful examination of this situation, serves as an innovative open platform, as interface between producers and recipients, supporting austrian as well as international projects.

in our opinion one important purpose of art is to educate and to mediate by its forms of expression. accordingly, entrancexit provides access to a deeper understanding of the diversity of artistic realisation and production processes and encourages participating artists to strengthen their chosen art form´s individuality. artists should be autonomous, consequent, cooperative, open minded, as free as possible and hungry for new perspectives and experiences.

to regain control over commercial art and media business is one top priority of entrancexit, for it is absolutely unacceptable that artists and creative industries  are held in a state of bondage by predefined commercial laws. it is imperative to cooperatively develop an ideal market as soon as possible.

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